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We offer a vast collection of nautical products, like nautical lights, vintage ship lights, wall clocks, and much more. We guarantee their excellent quality and 100% weather-proof nature!! Visit our store, shiptreasury.com, and examine our exclusive collections of maritime products. With our experienced and skilled team, embark on a mesmerizing voyage.
We have made our mark in the industry for the past 20 years, and our products are illuminating millions of workplaces and homes. We present refurbished nautical products in a brand-new and stylish way!! If you seek unique nautical marine lights, welcome to shiptreasury.com and explore the classic range of our products. We offer all types of lights—passage lights, interior wall lights, sconce lights, hanging lights, living room lights, and many more—to leave customers awestruck! All these are available at reasonable rates, and we'll handle the installation process for you. Our team can guide you to purchase the perfect nautical light to match your space or area. We stand as the topmost supplier or exporter of vintage light products, captivating markets like Australia, the USA, the UK, and many other regions. We strive to deliver the best to our customers and maintain long-term relationships. 
The lighting fixture looks great and is high quality. It arrived on date and everything was correct
chen cohen
High Quality Match the description Seller is helpful woth any request
Article of very good quality, in solid brass. It must be equipped with a flexible electric wire 2x1.5 of 15 cm. The bulb is particular, bayonet base small format. Be careful it can not be too large, because the accommodation is

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